DFW Lounge Battle: Capital One Lounge Versus American Express Centurion® Lounge

by Anthony Losanno
Capital One vs. American Express

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I was in Fort Worth this past week for work and on my way home decided to visit both the Capital One Lounge as well as the American Express Centurion® Lounge. Both spaces are located in Terminal D and accessible via an airside train from all other terminals. They’re both great to relax, dine, and work in, but which is the better choice if you only have a short time to spend?

The Capital One Lounge opened in November 2021. It was the first location that the bank opened and has since been joined by a lounge in Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), which opened last week (more here). These lounges really shine in their grab-and-go food and beverage offerings. The selection is great and it offers guests something that isn’t available elsewhere. Yes, United added United Club™ Fly (full review here) and Delta has some grab-and-go options at some of its Sky Clubs®, but Capital One was first to offer this amenity.

American Express was the original non-airline lounge operator. It got into the game back in 2013 with the opening of the Centurion® Lounge at Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) (full review here). American Express raised the bar on food and beverage offerings with local dishes and chefs as well as premium wines for guests. That, coupled with spa treatments at some locations and other amenities, made Amex’ lounges great spots to escape the airport madness (until they became overcrowded). These lounges are still great, but it’s harder to get in and find space. The location at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) opened in August 2018.

Capital One vs Amex Food


Both lounges offer a full buffet with sandwiches, salads, soups, cheese, cold cuts, several hot options, and desserts. The food quality in both is high, but the Capital One Lounge gets the nod here for its individual portions as well as an extensive grab-and-go section.

Winner: Capital One Lounge

Cap One vs Amex Bar


Both lounges also offer a full bar. The selections are about the same in terms of wine and spirits. Both also offer drink stations and coffee machines around the lounges. You won’t go thirsty in either location.

Winner: Tie

Capital One vs. Amex Amenities


Both lounges offer free Wi-Fi, shower suites, and the food and beverages listed above. American Express provides a room with toys and videos for families as well as spa treatments from Exhale®. The Capital One Lounge has a small room with two Peloton bikes. Even though it’s not easy to secure spa treatments, it’s a great addition and helps Amex edge out Capital One here.

Winner: American Express Centurion® Lounge

Capital One vs Amex Service


The employees in the Capital One Lounge seemed happier. They were quick to explain benefits and offerings. The employees at the American Express Centurion® Lounge were also friendly, but seemed more interested in chatting. They also struggled to keep up with keeping the lounge clean. Both spaces were crowded, but the Capital One employees were more active and hustling.

Winner: Capital One Lounge

Capital One vs Amex Decor

Design & Decor

Both lounges have lots of seating in a variety of configurations. You can easily find space in either to work, relax, or socialize with friends and family. Both lounges have lots of natural light and modern designs with local touches to give them a sense of place.

Winner: Tie

Capital One Lounge


You can’t go wrong with either of these lounges. Yes, they are crowded and you will have to wait. But, once inside you’ll find pleasant spaces and great food and drinks. I have to give it to Capital One by a nose for its grab-and-go food and slightly better customer service.

Winner: Capital One Lounge

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Christian September 16, 2023 - 2:27 pm

Useful comparison. Thanks.

dan September 16, 2023 - 3:30 pm

What were the wait times for both lounges?

Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa
Anthony Losanno September 16, 2023 - 5:00 pm

About 20 minutes for Capital One and 10 minutes for Amex.


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