Lounge Review: Capital One Lounge (DFW – D22)

by Anthony Losanno
Capital One Lounge DFW

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While traveling on business last week, I had the opportunity to check out the Capital One Lounge at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). It opened in November 2021 and was the first location for the bank. Capital One opened a second lounge in Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) last week (more here).


Access is granted to Capital One Venture X and Venture X Business primary cardholders. They can enjoy unlimited complimentary access, plus complimentary entry for two guests per visit (it costs $45 per visit for additional guests). Venture and Spark Miles cardholders receive two complimentary visits towards their account per calendar year (additional visits can be purchased for $45). All other cardholders and non-customers can enter for $65. Children under age two can enter for free with a supervising parent or guardian. Access to all amenities is included with lounge entry.

Anthony’s Take: The Capital One Lounge is one of the nicest lounges in the United States. It offers delicious food, lots of grab-and-go options, a nice bar, plenty of seating, fast Wi-Fi, and other amenities like a shower suite, Peloton studio, yoga room, a relaxation room, a nursing room, and a multi-faith prayer room. I’m looking forward to checking out the location in Washington DC and the upcoming one in Denver.

Capital One Lounge DFW Text

There is a small lobby that leads to an elevator to the American Airlines Flagship Lounge and the Capital One Lounge. You’re asked to wait there (or leave and come back when you receive a text) when the lounge is full. The lounges are both located on the fifth floor. Once you get the text, you have 15 minutes to return and check in. My wait was around 20 minutes.

Capital One Lounge DFW Agents

Once you exit the elevators, you check in at a desk staffed by several agents.

Capital One Lounge DFW Sign

You need to present your credit card and same-day boarding pass. Access is allowed only within three hours of departure.

Capital One Lounge DFW Cake Pops

Cake pops are available on the desk. Make sure to snag one to take with you.

Capital One Lounge DFW 1

Just past the desk is the first seating area.

Capital One Lounge DFW 20

There are plenty of other seating configurations throughout the lounge and tons of outlets.

Capital One Lounge DFW 19


The bar is in the back of the lounge. It offers a good selection of wine, beer, and cocktails. There are also some premium options for sale.

Capital Lounge DFW Drinks 1


Capital One DFW Drinks 2

The full menu is above.

Capital One Lounge DFW 21

Coffee and tea

Capital One Lounge DFW 22

There were various beverages on tap.

Capital One Lounge DFW 5


Lunch was being served during my visit. This buffet is divided up into several areas with each item already divided into individual portions. This is good for both preventing waste and is more hygienic than bigger trays. There are also multiple areas with grab-and-go options.

Capital One Lounge DFW 2

A refrigerated case is near the entrance. It’s filled with sandwiches, salads, and beverages that you may take with you. The staff at the front desk can provide a bag.

Capital One Lounge DFW 3

There is also whole, fresh fruit next to the case.

Capital One Lounge DFW 4

On the other side, you’ll find various snack mixes and candy.

Capital One Lounge DFW 6

Pesto Alfredo Meatball Sliders

Capital One Lounge DFW 7

French Onion Deviled Eggs

Capital One Lounge DFW 8

Sundried Tomato Hummus and Veggies

Capital One Lounge DFW 9

Spanish Chorizo Skewers

Capital One Lounge DFW 10

Roasted Tomato Crostini

Capital One Lounge DFW 7

BBQ Mushrooms & Cauliflower Rice

Capital One Lounge DFW 8

Red Curry Lentil-Potato Soup

Capital One Lounge DFW 9

Spinach Mango Rainbow Salad

Capital One Lounge DFW 10

Mac & Cheese

Capital One Lounge DFW 11

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower

Capital One Lounge DFW 12

Ginger Chicken Kahari

Capital One Lounge DFW 13

I tried several dishes and they were all great.

Capital One Lounge DFW 14

A separate buffet was filled with bake goods. These could be eaten in the lounge or bagged up to go.

Capital One Lounge DFW 15

Gluten-free Brownies and Baklava

Capital One Lounge DFW 16

Royale, Lemon & White Chocolate, and Caramel Pecan Cookies

Capital One Lounge DFW 17

White Chocolate and Cranberry Scones

Capital One Lounge DFW 18

Butter Croissants and Pan Au Chocolat

Capital One Lounge DFW 22

Seating & Decor

There is a good amount of seating in this lounge. There are tables, comfy chairs, and counters that serve as individual workstations around the room. There is not a ton of art around the Capital One Lounge, but I liked the modern decor throughout.

Capital One Lounge DFW 23


The Capital One Lounge offers free Wi-Fi, a cycling and yoga studio, a shower suite, a nursing room, a multi-faith prayer room, a relaxation room, and the food and beverages mentioned above. The shower suite above was occupied the entire time I was in the lounge.

Capital One Lounge DFW 24

The cycling studio has two Peloton bikes and views of the runway outside.

Capital One Lounge DFW 25

The nursing room had ample space for mothers and children.

Capital One Lounge DFW 26

The relaxation room was also busy the entire time.

Capital One Lounge DFW 27

Another water dispenser is tucked near these amenities.

Capital One Lounge

Overall Impression:

The Capital One Lounge is one of the nicest lounges in the United States. It has a great menu, bar, and plenty of seating to work and relax. There are multiple amenities here, but most accommodate one person at a time. They were occupied most of the time I was there, but if you have time you can relax, pray, shower, or ride a Peloton.

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CJH September 19, 2023 - 11:21 pm

i believe the Cap1 lounge at DFW location was previously the Priority Pass lounge location. sound correct to anyone?


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