Renewing Global Entry Over Zoom

by Anthony Losanno
Global Entry

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Global Entry is offered through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service. It allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to use kiosks when entering the United States to receive expedited clearance and entry. I have had Global Entry pretty much since the program started in 2008. It has saved me hours and hours of time that I would have spent standing in line through the years.

Global Entry must be renewed every five years. Mine was set to expire in June 2023. I went on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection site, updated my information, and was informed a day later that I was conditionally approved. I needed an interview and went back to the site to schedule it. Interviews are held at many airports across the country as well as virtually via Zoom. There were no appointments available in person at my local airport until March 30th. But, if I did this virtually I could choose an interview just a few days later.

Global Entry 3

I chose a Zoom interview and logged on at my interview time. An officer was already on and made the process quick and painless. He asked my full name, occupation, a few questions around my travels, and then requested I hold up my passport and driver’s license. That was all. I was renewed and ready to go for another five years.

Global Entry 2

Things to Know About Global Entry:

  1. TSA PreCheck is included. Your Known Traveler Number that is assigned with Global Entry grants you access to this program as well.
  2. A Global Entry card will be sent to you for land passage and this is considered a valid government ID.
  3. Many credit cards will reimburse you for the Global Entry ($100) fee. These include The Platinum Card® from American Express, Chase Sapphire Reserve®, United℠ Explorer Card, and a few other cards.

Anthony’s Take: Global Entry is a great program that saves you tons of time when returning to the United States. I’ve found it amazing that I can go from the plane to an Uber in under ten minutes while the immigration lines snaked down the arrivals hall. With reimbursement from several credit cards, getting Global Entry is a no brainer for anyone that travels internationally even once a year.

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DavidB January 19, 2023 - 12:24 am

Have the same issue renewing my Nexus/GE and living in Canada there are only a few border offices doing interviews, none convenient to any major city, other than Vancouver. The website does refer to virtual interviews but I can’t find a link or access point to book one. Fortunately I’ll be in Vancouver early next month and got an appointment at the Blaine office. Just have to rent a car to get to it!

100K January 19, 2023 - 1:55 am

I’m also Conditionally Approved for my 3rd application. 1st- interview at DFW. 2nd- no interview, just approved. 3rd- conditionally approved. No zoom option though. I’m 2 months over my expiration so I think I have at least another 10 months to interview. I’m currently traveling and was surprised my TSA-Pre still works. I wasn’t sure it would work but it does.

AdamH January 19, 2023 - 5:27 am

In my experience, they seem to open up the Zoom slots around 8-10am ET for just a day or two out at a time and they go fast. You can schedule an in person meeting and keep checking to see if you can move it up.

Glenn January 19, 2023 - 7:44 pm

Your all full of #### the first time was great. All done in a week. Interview and all. Waited 6 months the second time, renewal. Mind you if no reply in 6 months they bump you up to some BS status that is suppose to get you done. 2 months later I get rejected. Nothing in my life changed from the first time. Not even a parking ticket but yet I was rejected with NO explanation. How can anyone fix what might be wrong if you don’t know. Did someone hack into my file and change things?
They took my money fast enough but lacked any communication for 8 months. And they don’t give your money back. Why am I paying for a service that the personnel are already getting paid through my taxes. These are Goverment workers that are ch3cking up on you.


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