6 Travel Trends in 2023: Mostly Not for Me

by Anthony Losanno

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AFAR recently posted an article titled, “These Trends Will Define How We Travel in 2023” and I can’t say I’m jumping on most of these bandwagons. Travel to me is a mix of relaxation and exploration. I want my beach time, but I also want to be able to go and explore some ruins, a church, a museum, or a market. Excellent meals coupled with history and culture are what I seek. Here are there trends and my take on each.


1. Lesser-Known Locales

This one I can say I support. It’s great to visit Barcelona, Rome, or Paris, but what about the smaller cities? Eastern European countries also offer many of the same charms without the costs and crowds. Try Sicily instead of Venice or go to Thessaloniki instead of Athens. You’ll be surprised at what you find in these smaller destinations.

Anthony’s Take: Thumbs Up


2. The Healing Benefits of Nature

Wellness visits, forest bathing, and time spent in the great outdoors is not my thing. I can appreciate a pretty view or a lake, but past that it gets a little hippy dippy for my taste. Yes, I like spas. Luxury spas with tons of amenities and even Korean spas that are bare bones can be relaxing. I spent years as a Boy Scout and my days in the woods are well behind me.

Anthony’s Take: Thumbs Sideways


3. Thrifty Travel

Meh. This is definitely not my deal. While I love to get a bargain, use points and miles to offset the cost of luxe accommodations and flights, and am not opposed to saving money by buying things on sale (whether that is airfare or clothing), traveling “thrifty” does not appeal to me. Hostels are for teens and 20-somethings taking a gap year or a post-college jaunt.

Anthony’s Take: Thumbs Down


4. Ecofriendly Options

I have no opposition to being green, conserving resources, and sustainability, but I don’t seek these out as factors when booking a hotel. I have yet to drive an electric car. If it’s true that car rental companies will offer more in the future, I would gladly drive one and could even see myself making the switch in the future for my personal vehicle. I do support France’s ban on flights under 2.5 hours as the trains in Europe are wonderful. If the US offered similar service, I’d be much more apt to take the train.

Anthony’s Take: Thumbs Sideways


5. Vacation Homes with Chef’s Kitchens

Again, not for me. I love to cook and bake, but not really while on vacation. I hate Airbnb and VRBO. I don’t want to stay in someone’s home and follow an often ridiculous set of rules, have to clean up after myself, and deal with eccentric home owners. I’ve tried this with friends and I don’t like it. I want my own space with housekeeping. I don’t want to see people 24 hours a day and even if it were just us renting a home as a couple, I’m not into it (chef’s kitchen or not).

Anthony’s Take: Thumbs Down


6. Gathering Spaces for Celebrations in Hotels

This is not something I would use often, but I like the idea. I have also noticed the uptick in people traveling for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc. Hotels offering spaces makes sense and negates the need to rent vacation homes (that often have policies against social gatherings).

Anthony’s Take: Thumb’s Up

While most of the trends above are not my cup of tea, it’s always interesting to see how travel evolves and the changes in consumer taste.

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