Scary: Hotel Room Break-In Attempt Captured on Video

by Anthony Losanno
Holiday Inn Break In

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The fear of someone breaking into my hotel room makes me always use the dead bolt even if I’m just working in there. When entering a room, I always check the closet, behind any drapes, and under the bed. This video is creepy and a reminder to always lock your hotel room door.

A woman was traveling on business when she suddenly noticed that someone was trying to break into her room at the Holiday Inn in San Jose, CA. A device with a long metal rod and a more flexible piece of plastic was put under her door and it was moving around trying to get to the door handle and open it. NBC reports on the full story below.

The guest thought quickly and moved the device away from the door handle while calling the front desk. A hotel employee arrived and confronted a man and woman who were outside the door. They told the hotel employee that they were looking for a friend and knocked on the wrong door. Unfortunately, they fled the scene before police arrived.

Harrahs AC

This made me think about  a scary situation I experienced in Atlantic City. We had gone to bed, but were woken up around 3:00 AM. A man was outside our door punching, kicking, and banging his head against it. He was clearly intoxicated (and this was not someone who was just a little drunk). I yelled out for him to go away and he kept going. He bashed his head and hands so many times that they were bleeding. We called the front desk and they sent up security quickly. When they arrived they told the man to stop and he did not say a word. They asked him to follow them and he just walked away with them (again without a word). We went to bed and when we left the room in the morning for breakfast there were dents, holes, and blood splatters on the door. He managed to crack some of the frame and we were not able to get back into the room. It took maintenance hours to fix the door. I still wonder what would have happened if the door would not have held out. Scary. (Photo Credit: Caesars.)

Anthony’s Take: The guest is lucky she thought quickly and stopped this attempted break-in. This further enforces my door lock policy as you never know who might be on the other side.

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InLA June 12, 2023 - 1:11 pm

I always pack a grippy rubber (not slippery plastic) door stop in my suitcase and shove it under the door when I’m in the room. Look for one with a very thin leading edge because often there is not much of a gap under the door. The stop is better than those cheap sliding chains that are often included. When going to bed I can also add a suitcase, lying flat on the floor, just a couple of inches inside the door so that the door hits it and makes a noise upon opening. I’ve never experienced a forced entry, but I have had housekeepers enter when not expected while I was napping.


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