Hotel Review: Hilton London Heathrow Airport

by Anthony Losanno
Hilton LHR Entrance

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On our way home from Sicily and Sardinia, we spent the night at the Hilton London Heathrow Airport. It’s been a while since we stayed at this hotel and I forgot how far away it is if you’re not coming from Terminal 4. We landed in Terminal 2 and had to take the train and then walk down the very long hallway (this took around 30 minutes). Once there, we quickly checked in and went to our suite.

Anthony’s Take: The Hilton London Heathrow Airport is a good choice for overnight stays when connecting through London. The hotel has a store in the lobby for drinks and snacks, fitness center, executive lounge, and restaurant. The hotel conveniently offers room service 24/7. The suite I booked was spacious, had some quirky, fun decor, and provided us what we needed for a comfortable night before flying home to Chicago.

Hilton LHR Rate


I booked a King Executive Suite with Lounge Access for £270. Standard rooms were going for £172, so I thought this was a reasonable upcharge. Hilton does not have an award chart. This suite could have been booked for 165,000 points. Standard rooms were going for 49,000 points. Both of these rates are pretty standard across the calendar.


Hilton LHR Sign

Transportation To/From the Hotel

We landed in Terminal 2 and took the train over to Terminal 4. The train is free when transferring terminals. It took us around 30 minutes between walking and the train ride to get to the hotel. After exiting the train, follow the signs along the tunnel to the hotel (you’ll see several other hotels before reaching the Hilton).

Hilton LHR Check In


We got into the hotel around 11:00 PM. There was no line to check-in. The agent explained that the lounge was across from the check-in desk and that we would have access for breakfast. He got my keys coded and we were on our way to the suite within a few minutes.

Hilton LHR Decorations

Like the United Club℠ (more here), the hotel was decorated for July 4th. I always find it odd to see decorations celebrating the US independence from the UK while in London.

Hilton LHR Hallway

I liked the airplane-themed door numbers. The hallways were clean and nicely designed.

Hilton LHR Door

King Executive Suite (570)

There are 398 rooms and suites at this hotel.

Hilton LHR Hall

There is a small hallway when you enter the room from the 570 door (the suite has two doors).

Hilton LHR Closet

The other door is next to the closet on the other side of the suite.

Hilton LHR Closet 2

The closet held robes and an ironing board.

Hilton LHR Closet 3

An iron and blowdryer were on a shelf here.

Hilton LHR Closet 4

A safe was also found here.

Hilton LHR Living Room 1

Past the hallway by door 570, you’ll find a living room with a small couch and several tables.

Hilton LHR Living Room 7

Two complimentary bottles of water were on the table next to the couch.

Hilton LHR Living Room 2

A TV is across from the couch.

Hilton LHR Living Room 3

The Nespresso machine and coffee pods are found under the TV.

Hilton LHR Living Room 4

An empty refrigerator is inside the cabinet.

Hilton LHR Living Room 5

The other side of the living room features a large office area.

Hilton LHR Living Room 6

I loved the aviation-themed decor here.

Hilton LHR Bedroom 1

The bedroom was off of the living room. It features a king-sized bed, chair and table, as well as two side tables.

Hilton LHR Bedroom 2

This comfy chair was next to the bed.

Hilton LHR Bedroom 3


Hilton LHR Bedroom 4

The lightswitches were a little confusing as several seemed to control the same lights. More free water was found here.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 1

The bathroom was spacious with a double vanity, glassed-in shower, and a high-tech Toto toilet.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 2

The toilet had tons of cool functions and features. I’ve seen these in plenty of luxury hotels in Asia, but was surprised to find one in an airport Hilton.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 3

The shower was large and had good water pressure.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 4

Toiletries were in large bottles on the wall in the shower. They are Crabtree & Evelyn brand.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 5

More large bottles were near the sinks.

Hilton LHR Bathroom 6

There were a few other amenities like a dental kit and mouthwash near the sinks. Bar soap was not provided.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 1


Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 2

Executive Lounge

This Hilton has an Executive Lounge with breakfast offerings and evening canapes on the ground floor across from check-in. We arrived too late to see any of the evening spread, but I went down to check out the breakfast offering. I had access due to the room type I booked. Hilton Honors Diamond members are also provided entry.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 3

The lounge is divided between several rooms.  The left side has tables for dining.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 4

The right side has several chairs and couches as well as a fireplace.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 5

The center (just inside the entry) has a long table as well as the buffet.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 6

There is a computer nearby for guest use.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 7

A desk is near the door, but it was not staffed when I visited. A wireless printer is found here.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 8

The breakfast was pretty modest with hot items in the center room and some bread, cereal, pastries, and beverages in the room to the left.

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 9

Tater tots and tomatoes

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 10

Scrambled eggs and beans

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 11

Sausage and bacon

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 12

Fruit, vegetables, meat, and cheese

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 13

Pastries and croissants

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 14

Cereal, bread, and a self-serve toaster

Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 15


Hilton LHR Executive Lounge 16

A coffee machine and tea were found in the center room. I made a cappuccino to take with me.

Hilton LHR Lobby 1

Public Areas & Amenities

The lobby has a huge atrium that opens up the space several floors. There is also tons of seating in the lobby. This is also where you’ll find a 24-hour market, restaurant, and an ATM. There is a small fitness center one floor below the lobby.

Hilton LHR Lobby 2

Seating was mostly empty during our stay.

Hilton LHR Lobby 3

More seating

Hilton LHR Lobby 4

Even more seats

Hilton LHR ATM

The ATM was around the corner from the elevators.

Hilton LHR Market

The market is self serve and open 24 hours a day. Self checkout worked fine, but if you’re purchasing any alcoholic beverages you need to ring a bell for agent assistance.

Hilton LHR Restaurant

The restaurant was open for breakfast when we left.

Hilton LHR Restaurant 2

It’s a big, open dining room with great light and some trees.

Hilton LHR Restaurant 3

There is also a small counter offering coffee and breakfast for takeaway.

Hilton LHR Fitness Center 1

The fitness center is small, but functional.

Hilton LHR Fitness Center 2

There is a good amount of equipment including several tread mills, rowers, and bikes.

Hilton LHR Terminal 4 Entrance

The entrance to Terminal 4 is right outside the hotel. We went through and took the train back to Terminal 2.

Overall Impression:

The hotel is convenient if you’re overnighting at London Heathrow (especially if you’re flying from Terminal 4). The rooms are modern and comfortable, it has a lounge, and the common areas are well maintained and spacious.

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