Disgusting: Man Cooks Shrimp and Potatoes in Delta Lavatory Sink

by Anthony Losanno
Shrimp Delta

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This has got to be one of the most nauseating things I have seen in a long time. A man posted a video of himself cooking shrimp and making instant potatoes in the sink of a Delta Air Lines lavatory while in flight.


With 2 6v batteries wired in series to an immersion beverage heater, one is able to get water scalding hot quickly. Raw shrimp will only need a few minutes. Adding instant mash to the shrimp water adds some extra flavor. Garlic butter makes everything go better. #terribleideawhattime #shrimp #garlicshrimp #mashedpotatoes #flying #bathroomchef #howtocookproperly #barfly7777 #innovation #privatechef #newidea #hack #Splice

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TikTok user @barfly7777 posted a video where he prepares garlic shrimp and instant mashed potatoes using a battery to help “cook” his meal. I can only imagine how much bacteria is crawling on a lavatory sink. To cook and eat something from there is so gross.


#tasty #privatechef #hotelcooking #howtocook #budlight #hotelhack #inovation #cringefood @gerbergear

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This is not the first time that @barfly7777 has prepared an odd meal. In the video above, he makes baby back ribs in a hotel bathroom’s sink. Also yuck.

Anthony’s Take: This man must have an iron stomach. I can’t imagine consuming anything cooked in a hotel or airplane bathroom sink. Just disgusting.

(Featured Image Credit: @barfly7777 via TikTok.)

(H/T: View from the Wing.)

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Kevin December 8, 2023 - 12:30 pm

just when you think you’ve see it all.

Ken A December 11, 2023 - 3:04 pm

Although passengers pay a premium price for premium service on Delta Airlines, it is heartwarming that they can still afford to go to Wal-Mart to purchase some frozen shrimp and potatoes as part of a nutritious meal. Delta cares about food safety. Therefore, I recommend cooking seafood meals in the toilet bowl instead of boiling shrimp in the Delta Airlines aircraft sink for proper sanitation. The “blue juice” in the toilet bowl helps give your boiled shrimp a festive blue color while imparting a unique flavor. I was happy that The Bulkhead Seat included a video so Delta in-flight gourmet foodies may learn how to properly use an aircraft toilet or sink to prepare their next succulently steaming Delta Airlines seafood meal. Please post photos of your in-flight meal success with other readers and let me know your recommendation of what Delta Airlines wine pairs properly with lavatory shrimp. Happy Holidays and Bon Appétit.


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