London City Airport Becomes First in UK to Dump Liquids Ban

by Anthony Losanno
Airport Security

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In a move that is sure to be welcomed by frequent flyers and vacationers alike, London City Airport (LCY) has announced that it will be getting rid of its liquids ban.

LCY Airport

For years, passengers have been subject to strict restrictions on the amount of liquids they can carry in their hand luggage. This has caused inconvenience and frustration for many travelers, particularly those who wanted to bring cosmetics, toiletries, or a small bottle of wine home as a souvenir, but did not want or need to check a bag.

However, this is changing thanks to advances in technology and security measures, including new CT (computed tomography) scanners. These provide a 3D image of what is being carried in a passenger’s bag. This means that security checks can be carried out more efficiently, while speeding up the process overall. Passengers will no longer be required to put their liquids in a separate plastic bag, and will instead be allowed to carry them in their hand luggage as normal. The limit has increased from 100ml (around 3.3 ounces) to two liters (around 68 ounces).

This is huge. I have found traveling from London, especially at Heathrow Airport (LHR), to be a pain. Last summer, security made me unpack my quart Ziploc bag into an even smaller one. When not everything would fit, I had to sacrifice my three-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer.

London City Airport

As of today (April 4th), London City Airport (LCY) is the first UK airport with this new allowance. It’s also allowing passengers to leave laptops, tablets, and mobile phones in their bags. This is great news for anyone traveling through this airport, as it means that they will no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of the liquids ban or slowing things down while they fumble to get their laptops out of their bags.

Family At Airport Passing Through Security Check

The move has been welcomed by airlines and passengers alike, with many people praising London City Airport for taking a proactive approach to security measures. The UK has set an ambitious goal to roll this out to all airports by June 2024. It is hoped that other airports around the world will follow suit, allowing passengers to travel more easily and conveniently. (I’m looking at you US airports.)

Anthony’s Take: Overall, the decision to get rid of the liquids ban at London City Airport is a positive development for travelers transiting this airport. As the world gets ready for another projected busy travel season this summer, it’s good to see that one airport is paving the way. I hope this becomes widespread in the near term, but think we will still have a wait.

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