Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Vienna

by Anthony Losanno
Park Hyatt Vienna Exterior

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After spending some time in Romania, including a Halloween party at Dracula’s Castle (more here), we spent a few days in Vienna. I always forget how gorgeous this city is and the Park Hyatt Vienna offers the perfect location with shopping, restaurants, and tourist attractions right outside your door.

Anthony’s Take: I loved this hotel and especially the impressive suite that we occupied during our stay here. The service was excellent, breakfast was tasty, and we enjoyed using the spa. I’ve stayed at Marriott’s Hotel Bristol an Hotel Imperial before. Both are part of the Luxury Collection, but cannot hold a candle to the Park Hyatt in terms of design, amenities, and overall experience.

Park Hyatt Vienna Diplomat Suite


I booked directly from on a “Premium Suite Free Night” rate with World of Hyatt points. I was given two options for suites, a Park Suite (which I could have also booked a standard room and then used an upgrade certificate to secure) or the Diplomat Suite. The Park Suite looks great, but the Diplomat Suite wowed me. The Diplomat Suite was retailing for almost 3,000 per night, so this was a great value. This hotel falls in the Category 7 redemption bucket, which means that a standard room will cost between 25,000 and 35,000 points.

Vienna Map

Transportation to/from the Hotel

We took an Uber Black from Vienna International Airport (VIE) to the hotel. It cost around $50 and took about 26 minutes to drive the approximately 20 kilometers with light traffic. When we left the hotel, we headed back the same way to the airport for a similar cost and duration.



The hotel is well situated for exploring the city with most of the city’s best shopping, many restaurants, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral right outside. Other tourist attractions are not far on foot or via Uber.

Park Hyatt Vienna Check In


We arrived around 3:00 PM and agents were standing by at check in. The agent that assisted us was friendly and explained all of the benefits that my Globalist status provided at the hotel. Breakfast is served at The Bank Brasserie & Bar. He also offered late checkout. We were flying midday, so we declined this offer. The process was quick and we were on the way to the suite in minutes.

Park Hyatt Vienna Lobby 2

The area around the check-in desks is open with soaring ceilings and lots of marble.

Park Hyatt Vienna Lobby 3

The lobby is bright with natural light coming in from the entrance.

Park Hyatt Vienna Lobby 1

Stairs are the first thing you see when you enter the elegant lobby of this hotel. A small seating area is straight ahead with the hotel’s restaurant behind it. To the right, you’ll find the single guest elevator.

Park Hyatt Vienna Lobby 4

Fresh and dried flowers were the centerpiece of the area at the top of the stairs.

Park Hyatt Vienna Elevator

The single elevator was modern and quick.

Park Hyatt Vienna Hallway 5

Our suite was on the third floor. A keycard was required to operate the elevator as well as to open an outer door on the floor that led to the rooms.

Park Hyatt Vienna Hallway

The hallways were clean and well maintained.

Park Hyatt Vienna Hallway 4

There were some chairs in the hallway near our suite.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 1

Diplomat Suite (328)

There are 146 rooms including 43 suites at the hotel.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 2

A gorgeous foyer with an in-laid floor was the first thing seen when entering the suite. It’s a huge space and took us some time to get our bearings.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 3

Some artificial flowers were on a pedestal here.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 4

There is also one wardrobe here with an umbrella inside.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 5

The half bath is to the left. It had a toilet and sink.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 6

To the right of the half bath was a dining room. There was a round table with four chairs, a bookshelf, and a cabinet that housed the mini bar.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 26

A welcome amenity of fruit and chocolate was on the table.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 27

The chocolate was delicious.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 7

The mini bar had multiple bottles of wine and other spirits for sale.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 8

A coffeemaker with Illy coffee and a tea kettle were on the counter. The refrigerator drawer was filled with other beverages and snacks.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 9

Wine and snacks

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 10

More alcohol for sale

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 11

Two complimentary bottles of water were also inside.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 12

The bookshelf had some interesting art books on it.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 13

To the right of the dining room was an office. I took some Zoom calls in here.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 14

I liked that the Park Hyatt provided an assortment of office supplies.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 15

On the other side of the dining room was a gorgeous and humongous living room. It had plenty of space to stretch out and a gorgeous stained-glass wall.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 17

A tray ceiling and chandelier added to the elegance.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 18

Fresh hydrangeas were on the table.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 19

One of the two flatscreen TVs found in the suite was across from the couch. The curtains and all of the lights in the suite were automatic and controls were found scattered throughout.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 20

Next to the living room was the bedroom. It had a king-sized bed, nightstands, and another TV. The bed was comfortable and there were plenty of outlets.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 21

The TV had a wooden cabinet that could be pulled down to hide it.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 22

Next to the bathroom was the expansive bathroom.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 23

It had an oval standalone bathtub.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 25It was spacious, but we did not use it.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 24

Some Le Labo toiletries and bath salts were on the edge of the tub.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 28


Park Hyatt Vienna 328 29

There were two vanities in the bathroom.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 30

More soap and other toiletries were on each counter.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 31

The shower was large and had a shower bench. Water pressure was also good.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 34

Large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were inside.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 32

A separate room with a toilet and a third vanity was closest to the bedroom.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 33

We found it funny that the suite had four sinks in total.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 35

The back of the bathroom had another room laid out as a huge dressing area. There was tons of closet space here.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 36

A drawer held laundry bags and a power converter.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 37

The safe was also found here.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 38

More closet space

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 39

Even more closet space with robes, slippers, an umbrella, and an ironing and ironing board.

Park Hyatt Vienna 328 40

A vanity with makeup mirror was also found here.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 1


As mentioned, we had breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, The Bank Brasserie & Bar, during our stay. It offers a nice buffet plus several hot dishes that could be ordered directly from the servers. The restaurant is located off of the lobby and was spacious, but crowded when we visited. This included benefit for Globalists has great value here. The buffet for the two of us would have been over $100 per day, but it was totally comped along with gratuity. Breakfast is served from 7:00 AM until 10:30 AM on weekdays and from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM on weekends.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 7


Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 8


Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 21

The buffet was nicely presented across several stations with an open kitchen.

The Bar Breakfast Menu

The menu offered several hot menu items that could be ordered a la carte.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 2

My husband ordered the Avocado Toast and enjoyed it.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 3

We both ordered lattes.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 4

There was a good selection of self-serve, fresh juices.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 5

Water was also available.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 6

Infused water with strawberries

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 9

Hot items including eggs, sausage, bacon, and more were near the kitchen.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 10

The fresh fruit selection could have been better.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 11

Muesli, yogurt, and milk

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 12

Cereal and granola

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 13

A cool meat slicer

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 14

Bread and pastries

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 15

More bread

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 16

Smoked fish

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 17


Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 18

Assorted meats

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 19

Salad and vegetables

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 20


Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 22

The dining room was fairly packed during breakfast.

Park Hyatt Vienna Breakfast 23

I like the one giant chef’s table near the kitchen. This would be a nice place for a special dinner.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 1


The Park Hyatt Vienna has a nice spa and fitness center that includes an indoor pool, co-ed sauna and steam room, and a good amount of exercise equipment.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 2

An attendant checked guests into the spa. It’s complimentary for everyone staying at the hotel.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 4

There are some seats in the spa lobby.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 3

Past check-in there are locker rooms and the rest of the facilities.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 5

Locker rooms are available for men and women.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 6

There were plenty of lockers available.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 7

Showers are co-ed and located near the steam room and sauna. If you’re not used to European spas, prepare for nudity. One woman sat proudly on a bench with her legs in the air while she thoroughly applied lotion to her entire body.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 8


Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 9


Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 10

The locker room had several vanities, toilets, and urinals.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 11

A water dispenser was also available.

Park Hyatt Vienna Spa 12

The fitness center had lots of equipment and was empty when we visited.

Overall Impression:

You can’t beat the location of this hotel when visiting Vienna. The Diplomat Suite was enormous and luxurious. Breakfast is high quality and the service was great. It’s a nice hotel and one that I will return to when I’m next in the city.

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European November 10, 2023 - 5:54 pm

I have been there few times over the last years and all the time in the suites.
I do not understand your ratings. You booked Diplomatic suite but gave 5 to upgrade and 10 to value for price paid. Did you expected additional upgrade and when it was not provided, you valued only 5? Only Bad is “Pricey”, yet you wrote that the points amount paid was great value.

Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa
Anthony Losanno November 10, 2023 - 9:53 pm

I give every hotel a 5 if no upgrade is received and a higher score if one is given. For example, I booked a suite at the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki and they upgraded me to the Presidential Suite. That earned a 10 for upgrade. I think the value is there when paying with points, but it is pricey if you’re going to pay thousands of euros a night.

jsm November 10, 2023 - 9:02 pm

The picture of the breakfast menu says “Am Hof”. This is the square in the First District (frequently referred to as the Inner City) on which the hotel is located. Am Hof is the largest open space in the First District, and was the location of the original Roman military outpost called Vindobona, which developed into Vienna.


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