Don’t Do This: “Poor Man’s First Class” Through Refundable Tickets is Fraud

by Anthony Losanno
Spoken io

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The internet is full of bad advice. Everyone wants to pretend that they’re a doctor, a lawyer, or a political expert. Some advice isn’t ethical, while other recommendations are actually fraud. This is the case with this recommendation for getting three seats to yourself (also known as “Poor Man’s First Class”).

@spoken_io has over 83,000 Instagram followers. Most of its posts promote its shopping engine and focus on furniture, but a recent video (posted in July) is recommending that people defraud the airlines.

In the video, it’s recommended that you buy one Economy Class ticket for yourself and then two other refundable tickets. You then cancel the two tickets 45 minutes prior to departure and voila, you get three seats to yourself.

There are so many things wrong with this idea. Here is where this goes wrong:

  1. Airlines will notice this pattern of behavior and shut it down. If you’re frequently buying multiple seats and then cancelling them last minute, it’s going to be noticed. You might also get your frequent flyer account shut down and/or be banned from the airline.
  2. This is unethical and fraudulent. You have no intention of using those seats and are taking them out of inventory for the airline to be able to sell to other passengers.
  3. The seats will likely be filled. Planes are packed, standby lists are long, and airlines will fill every seat they can. During the beginning of the pandemic, you could get your own row, but not anymore.
  4. You’re taking the seats away from someone that might need them for a business meeting, a funeral, a holiday trip, etc. If the flight is sold out, you’re inconveniencing another traveler who might have booked that flight.

Anthony’s Take: Don’t follow this advice. It’s bad. This is only going to end up with you in trouble with the airline and likely being seated next to other passengers anyway.

(Featured Image Credit: spoken_io via Instagram.)

(H/T: View from the Wing.)

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