Delta Passenger Poops All Over Seat on Atlanta-Bound Flight

by Anthony Losanno
Plane Seats

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Delta Air Lines flight DL2162 left passengers feeling anything but jolly when the foul odor of one passenger’s feces filled the air of the Christmas Eve flight from Birmingham Airport (BHM) to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Apparently, the passenger had an accident, but then proceeded to sit in it throughout the flight.

A Reddit post detailed the crappy situation with the poster describing it as follows:

Well me and my daughter were headed to key west Christmas Eve and had to take a connecting flight from bhm to Atlanta. About 20 minutes into flight I get a terrible smell and ask my daughter if she has pooted (she’s 8). She denies any wrong doing and the smell lingers for the rest of the flight. Upon exiting the plane, 8 rows in front of me someone had sh*t all in their seat, the bottom of the seat and the back was covered. This person had set in their sh*t for a good hour and then departed into Atlanta airport covered in sh*t. Definitely a first for me. Also upon boarding, once the plane was full, they announced that someone had left their dog in the boarding area. One of my more memorable Delta flights.”

The poster thought that their child might have had an accident, but then realized that it was a passenger eight rows in front of them.

byu/hngon83 from discussion

Amazingly, another poster was supposedly on the same flight and corroborated the story, adding that upon deplaning that they saw the poop “spread out like peanut butter” across the seat. Disgusting! The offending passenger deplaned and headed out into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) covered in feces.

Anthony’s Take: Accidents happen, but this is disgusting. It’s one thing to have an accident and another to sit in it while other passengers are forced to endure the stench. People can be so gross.

(Featured Image Credit: Suhyeon Choi.)

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