Delta Diamond Tattles on Flight Attendants for Free Miles and Gets Canceled

by Anthony Losanno
Delta A319

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Angela B. Peery is a teacher specialist for the South Carolina Department of Education and author. She’s also become one of the most hated passengers among Delta flight crews after she took to social media to brag about how she reports them for perceived infractions in order to get compensated with bonus miles. This has not gone well. Peery has doubled down with more comments and people have taken to giving her books bad reviews in response to her tattling and attitude.

The post above sums up the situation. Peery is a member of “The Official Diamond Medallion Group” on Facebook. She thought that sharing her actions as a Karen would get her kudos from other members, but in reality she garnered quite the outrage from passengers and flight crews alike.

This began with her bragging about reporting a flight attendant for using his personal phone and was awarded 8,500 SkyMiles by Delta. She said:

Wrote my complaint about Joshua, the FA who hid in the galley and was overall s***** SDF-ATL Wed. Got a personal call from a Delta customer service agent and 8,500 Skypesos! Winning!”

She followed up in another post saying that she had complained three times in two weeks:

This will be the third photo I’ve sent Delta in two weeks. Three out of four flights, FAs on their devices. This one is clever — hiding it behind the Delta device. ATL-LIT, while heading toward takeoff.”

People began replying that she should mind her own business, stop complaining, and to leave the crews alone. Instead of being quiet or apologizing, she doubles down and cites a policy that she feels justifies her actions:

It is against Delta policy for ANY employee to have their personal phone in view while working, even reservation agents. A Delta customer service agent called 4 hours after I sent my email and left a long, apologetic voicemail. She said, “You are 100% correct, and we thank you for bringing this to our attention.” FAs can only use their Sky Pro (Delta) device in flight and only in airplane mode and at certain times as directly related to safety. So, for those who said I should mind my own business or steop being a Karen, BE AWARE — this is a safety violation and a FIREABLE OFFENSE. Kind of a BIG DEAL. You should NOT see an FA using a personal device EVER unless on crew rest. (This was a 75-minute flight.) Y’all have fun over in SkyMiles Life, DL apologists! And kiss my grits!”

Peery Reviews

The Daily Mail covered the story and gave her additional exposure that she did not need. She’s a published author and people are flooding her books being sold on Amazon with one-star reviews. In reply to all of the attention, she threatened another Facebook group, A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge with the following:

Be aware that you are now part of an active investigation by Delta Airlines corporate security and the FBI. You need to remove all content related to me and my professional reputation from your Facebook page, websites, and other platforms immediately or risk being prosecuted and/or sued for defamation.”

She needs to stop ratting out the crew for perceived infractions like using their phones. It’s ironic, she is taking photos of crew members, which is not allowed. She acts like a Karen by reporting these actions that are none of her business, brags about being a tattletale, and then defends her actions. She claims to have received threats via email and text messages. While that’s not acceptable either, she did bring this on herself. Her continued attitude made it worse and she does not seem to backing down.

Anthony’s Take: This passenger is learning about the power of the Internet and how flight attendants band together when you come for one of them. Her petty reporting in order to gain miles and the issues she might be causing for flight attendants who she “caught” using their phones is ridiculous.

(Featured Image Credit: Delta Air Lines.)

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whocares April 13, 2024 - 6:15 pm

She could do without posting it online…but she deserves kudos for actually calling out the FAs. I had no idea this was a policy. Have a Delta flight coming up in a few days. Just goes to show how attached so many are to their SICKphones. Her reporting isn’t petty….her posting it on Facebook, etc…could be seen as that.

Airlines (and world at large) will someday (Not too distant future) realize that bragging about faster wi-fi isn’t a good thing. You did know that original wi-fi and bluetooth frequency is 2.4 Ghz? The same as a microwave oven……but its worse – it’s a DIGITAL wave. Not a natural waveform.

Know how a microwave oven works? NOthing like being in a metal tube….

See book: Would You Put Your Head in a Microwave Oven? many others…

Jake April 13, 2024 - 8:02 pm

It’s real petty. lol.

Way to out yourself as someone that doesn’t know anything about Radiofrequency, the Electromagnetism Spectrum or even bandwidth.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are in the microwave region of the EMR spectrum (2.4GHz and 2.4/5GHz respectively), their frequencies are orders of magnitude lower than any ionizing radiation. And since you probably don’t know what an order of magnitude is, it’s a multiple of 10. RF isn’t ionizing (cannot break apart molecules or damage DNA) until it goes up way past infrared and visible light. So if you see visible waves coming from your microwave, it’s probably a good idea to GTFO.

Microwaves/WiFi/Bluetooth are just specific kinds of radio waves.

I recommend knowing a little about whatever you’re spewing on the internet next time. Otherwise, resume wearing that tinfoil hat and just FYI: Faster wifi doesn’t = more intense RF radiation or anything close to that, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you so I’ll let you learn what’s going on for yourself.

Sara April 14, 2024 - 7:53 am

@Jake- *highfive* thank you that was awesome lol.

Will April 15, 2024 - 12:57 am

Ha! Ha! Spot on! Esp the part about faster wifi doesn’t mean radiation. Fantastic!

Stacy April 14, 2024 - 10:47 pm

To risk someone’s lively hood because you don’t like phone usage is petty. You sound like a dinosaur, and I’m sure you are from the sound of your comment. Flight attendants have lives outside of the skies, children, sick family members to care for that might call for them to have their phone on them. In what way is this contributing to your health or well being? You should have a nice and safe flight and stop looking for infractions just because you don’t like the progression of society. Obviously you care far too much.

Anita Williams April 19, 2024 - 9:23 am

Absolutely right! My mother is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and I’m so happy that she doesn’t have to deal with customers like Angela. Stay over in Delta Land with the negativity…..please!

Hahah April 14, 2024 - 12:25 pm

Ruin it!

D April 15, 2024 - 2:17 pm

Delta FAs use Skypros which look like large Android phones. I am betting half of her reports were them on their skypros. And before most of you side with her why not do some damn research.

Clint April 14, 2024 - 2:04 pm

Flight attendants don’t make enough to deal with this bs.

As long as their jobs are done I don’t mind them checking their phones.

Also they could have emergencies or sick family members or maybe just a words with friends.

Rick April 15, 2024 - 9:40 am

The policy is no personal phones for flight attendants while on duty.

In the same way the policy for passengers is no voice or video calls. Or no laptops at landing or takeoff. Or no smoking in the lavetories. Or make sure you have your seatbelt fastened at take off or landing. Or put your seatback and tray tables in their upright and locked position.

Or a million other policies that are enforced by the flight attendants. Are they special and, therefore, exempt from the rules? Would they hesitate to report a rule breaker to the pilot, airline, or police?

Should the cashier or greeter at Wal-Mart be sitting on their phone while working? What about a waiter or bartender? How about a nurse or an air traffic controller? Maybe the pilot?

It’s a rule. In fact, it’s a very common rule across all businesses.

Jason April 18, 2024 - 8:55 am

Oh Rick, come down off your high horse so we can chat. I’m sure you drive below the speed limit. I’m sure you’ve never talked during a movie. If you are god fearing man, I’m sure you have followed the good book to the letter. Now sit down with the rest of us and let’s just get to our destination

Neal April 15, 2024 - 9:58 am

I travel for a living and I view this in the same vein as people who are garbage to waiters to get free meals. Way to absolutely punch down on people who are already just trying to make it in life and do not have the easiest job just to get a freeby.

It reminds me of the day where a Hilton front desk person told me holy crud you’re actually a nice titanium member and it really kind of broke my heart that apparently so many people with high status are just absolutely awful that it’s the expectation. I found that that’s the same for every high end reward service like this. The genuine gratitude for just being treated with respect and as a human being.That I get from flight attendants because I am a diamond.Really speaks volumes to the behavior of other diamonds. Spending money doesn’t make you better than the attitude that it does will frequently make you worse.

Tim April 17, 2024 - 8:50 pm

I heard his grandmother was in a hospital dying.

Nobody deserves to be fired for loving their grandma.

Batchbaby April 17, 2024 - 11:46 pm

She got out of her seat on an active taxiway in a moving plane to go to the galley and take pictures in some cases. This is far more dangerous and is against FAA rules. Pot meet Kettle. Delta should strip her of Medallion status!


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