American Airlines’ Passenger From Viral Rant Video Offers An Apology

by Anthony Losanno
AA Passenger

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The American Airlines’ passenger that I wrote about in July for her onboard rant concerning a man she was seated next to being “not real” has issued an apology video.



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When the video first surfaced, everyone wanted to know what she saw that caused the outburst. It ended up being that she caused a scene because she had gotten into an argument with her family over missing AirPods. That made her storm off the plane, but not before telling everyone onboard that they would die if they remained on the plane. A version of the video is above.

The video apology has the 28-year-old marketing executive from Lakewood, TX express remorse for her language (especially around children). She still does not offer a full explanation of what happened or why she claimed that a man seated near her was “not real.”

Anthony’s Take: No one, other than the passengers inconvenienced by the delay she caused, needs an apology here. I think people (like me) are more interested in what she was thinking and what drove her to deplane in such a frenzy.

(H/T: View from the Wing.)

(Featured Image: Tiffany Gomas via Twitter.)

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Lars August 14, 2023 - 7:36 am

It’s important to note that she apparently felt no need to apologize until AFTER her identity was revealed through a FOIA request which took place quite some time after the incident. Her first course of action was to lawyer up and try to scrub her identity from the web. Only after that failed did she feel the need to “apologize.”

Also- zero explanation given about how she figured a guy was “not real” and the nexus between being flustered over a lost earbud and that situation…


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