American Airlines Flight Attendant Becomes the Victim of Road Rage

by Anthony Losanno
AA Flight Attendant

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An American Airlines flight attendant took to TikTok to share a recent incident where she was almost run off the road by another angry driver. She posits that it was because she was in her uniform and the other driver was unhappy with the airline.


flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home #flightattendant

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

Elizabeth Braley works as a flight attendant for American Airlines. She lives in North Carolina, but could be based anywhere. In the video above, she describes how a red sedan attempted to run her off the road while they were both driving 80 miles per hour on the interstate. The female driver of the other vehicle kept changing lanes and aggressively driving towards Braley.

Thankfully, she is okay and nothing further transpired. In a follow-up video she says that she did not get plates or call the police. This is understandable as she was in the midst of the stressful and dangerous situation.


little update- thank you to those of you that reached out. i truly love my job and our main focus is safety in all aspects so i did my best to do that in a scary situation. be kind because we are all just trying our best to navigate life 🫶🏻💞

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

This is Not Okay

There is no justification for this behavior. We all have issues with the airlines, hotels, and every company that we do business with every single day. This does not mean that you can take it out on the employees and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should ever try to attack, intimidate, or put them in any sort of dangerous situation. They are people, too. There is only so much that any frontline employee can do and no matter how wronged you may feel, it’s not okay to take out your frustrations on them.

Now, if an employee is openly rude or does something inappropriate, it’s okay to comment on the behavior and take appropriate action with the company through the channels it provides.

Anthony’s Take: Thankfully, no one was injured or killed here. Air travel has faced all kinds of crazy issues this summer from extreme weather to staffing shortages. If you’re going to travel, be ready for delays and roll with them as best as you can. The employees want things to go smoothly as well.

(H/T: View from the Wing.)

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