Wow: Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii Debuts Private Jet Experience

by Anthony Losanno
Four Seasons Jet

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If you’re looking for an ultra-luxury vacation and have $227,000 to spend, Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii has quite a trip to book. The private jet experience will take guests to four of the luxury brands’ resorts on Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, and Oahu.


The Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii Private Jet is available through December 1, 2024 (with some blackout dates this coming December and January). The eight-night experience includes private jet transfers from California with stops on four islands costs $227,000 (plus taxes and fees). This will get two guests an Ocean-View Guest Room (this will be a Club Floor Ocean View Room at Four Seasons Resort Maui).

The package includes:

Charlie Parker, Regional Vice President and General Manager, said:

At Four Seasons Resorts Hawaii, we continuously strive to create extraordinary experiences for our guests. With the launch of this collective four island experience, we are thrilled to offer our guests an exclusive journey through Hawaii they can only experience with Four Seasons. We created experiences at each destination to showcase the best of Hawaii’s culture, history, and natural beauty while providing unparalleled luxury and convenience.”

This seems like an incredible experience for anyone with the funds and desire to see Hawaii in such an exclusive way. If that’s you, learn more here.

Anthony’s Take: This sounds like a dream trip. If only one of my Mega Millions tickets would hit. For now, it’s only a dream.

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Nitesh Nihalani June 27, 2023 - 4:39 pm

Is it me or is this wildly overpriced? The four properties are around an average of $5K inclusive of taxes and fees for 2 nights.

4 properties x $5K = $20K

A round trip charter from LAX to HNL should run around anywhere from $80-$120K. Let’s just take it at $150K to account for the “Four Seasons” experience (that’s being generous)

That’s a total of $170K in value and a 30-50% markup.

And yes, I know the people booking these trips don’t care about the value, just thought it was interesting to break it down.

Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa
Anthony Losanno June 27, 2023 - 4:58 pm

Thanks for the insight and breaking it down. I agree that anyone booking this is likely not checking out the value.

Nitesh Nihalani June 28, 2023 - 10:41 am

Just thought it would be interesting to see what the “mark up” was like. I also didn’t account for the taxes and fees on the $227,000 which I am guessing adds another $50,000.

But what’s another $50k if you’re willing to spend $227k for 8 days right lol

Hal June 27, 2023 - 5:07 pm

This is so dumb.. their 4 seasons around the world or Abercombie’s tours make sense. Why would I need this to stay in 4 different hotels within an hour of each other.

Hal June 27, 2023 - 5:10 pm

Also, the cost to operate a PC-12 (Turbine suburban not to be confused with turban suburban which is operated by Indians) is very very cheap. Yes, it’s still two pilots, but you’re talking about maybe $2-3k an hour.

Greg June 27, 2023 - 6:18 pm

It gets PR visibility – would be surprised if they get bookings – any decent travel agent can figure out a better deal with no sacrifices in what’s offered, and probably with suite level accommodations


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