Top Ten Cities Where International Travelers Spend the Most

by Anthony Losanno
Money Globe

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When you think of the most expensive cities as a traveler, there are a few that immediately come to mind. New York, London, and Singapore come to mind, but they’re only three of the top ten (and none of those make up the top two). When traveling, some tourists want the best and don’t protest the price tags that come with it. Whether it’s a long weekend jaunt or a bucket-list trip, here are the top ten cities where international travelers spend the most money (as compiled by Visual Capitalist):

10. Paris ($9.76 billion in 2022)

9. Singapore ($10.97 billion in 2022)

8. New York ($12.45 billion in 2022)

7. Barcelona ($12.73 billion in 2022)

6. Istanbul ($13.13 billion in 2022)

5. Amsterdam ($13.59 billion in 2022)

4. Macau ($15.58 billion in 2022)

3. London ($16.07 billion in 2022)

2. Doha ($16.79 billion in 2022)

1. Dubai ($29.42 billion in 2022)


From the Burj Khalifa to the desert excursions, high-end shopping, and yacht cruises, Dubai offers plenty of extravagant experiences for international visitors to spend their money. International tourist spend is almost double what is spent at the number two city, Doha.

Europe makes up half the list while Asia and the Middle East each have two cities. North America has only one city on the list with New York and South America, Australia, and Africa are not on the list.

Now that travel restrictions have lifted and international demand remains high, it will be interesting to see how the 2023 list fares.

Anthony’s Take: I’ve been to eight of the ten cities listed above and have enjoyed luxe hotels, amazing meals, shopping, and more. I have yet to visit Dubai or Doha, but know that my travels will take me there some day.

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Christian May 12, 2023 - 9:55 pm

With the numbers representing total spend rather than on a per person basis, Doha and Istanbul are the only surprises to me. Interesting stuff.


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