Scary Video: Teen Jumps From Cruise Ship Into Shark-Infested Waters and Disappears

by Anthony Losanno
Blackbeards Revenge

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This has all the elements of a nightmare. The Daily Beast (among many others) is reporting a Louisiana teen jumped off of a cruise ship last week as it sailed through the eerie, dark waters of the Bahamas. In a video posted online, he was swimming toward a life ring when he suddenly turns, something else is seen in the video, and it cuts off.

Cameron Robbins of Baton Rouge, Louisiana was on Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise in the Bahamas on May 24th. Video shows him diving off of the boat and into pitch-black water as the ship sails on. The eighteen year old was celebrating his graduation with friends aboard the cruise. It’s unknown exactly why he jumped (witnesses say he was dared), but the dangerous stunt likely cost him his life.

After jumping in, a life ring is thrown towards Robbins. He begins to swim towards it and then changes direction as something blurry is seen in the corner of the video. Twitter users and others have speculated that he was swimming away from a shark.

Shark Robbins

The teen remains missing. A funeral was held for him and this is truly heartbreaking for the family and his friends. Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) Commodore Raymond King confirmed that the waters where Robbins jumped overboard are “really shark infested.” The Bahamas is home to bull and tiger sharks, which both could pose a risk to humans. (Photo Credit: REDDIT/QUIETWEST3764.)

Robbins prom

Anthony’s Take: This story has all of the elements of a scary movie or nightmare. This kid made a bad decision regardless of reason and unfortunately, it likely cost him his life either to drowning or shark attack. My condolences to all who knew this young man.

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Virginiamoore.) 

(Featured Photo Credit: Blackbeard’s Revenge.)

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NedsKid June 4, 2023 - 5:49 pm

Very unfortunate and tragic situation. One parent described it as a booze cruise (and just doing a cursory 5 minute look at the organizing tour company, it clearly is aimed at taking 18 year olds to a place they can sleep 4 to a room and legally drink with no chaperones – they make it very clear the legal adult(s) on the trip are basically there to pay the bill and are NOT chaperones). The boat operator was the chartered and it looks like its crew followed proper process for man-overboard.

I don’t want to sound cold, and I have very much sympathy, but I’m glad the family seems to somewhat be calling it for what it is – if you’re going to go somewhere that you are legally an adult and allowed to drink, there are responsibilities and consequences that come with it. I respect the family for their handling and hope for them the strength and privacy to grieve in their way.

A friend of mine who is an epidemiologist for a state government had an investigation probably 5-6 years back where an STD outbreak was traced back to a similar trip of just-graduated 18 year olds from multiple high schools on a tour abroad. One of the “chaperones” was apparently part of the exposure notifications. My high school class when we graduated were approached by similar “tour” companies but we didn’t partake mainly because we didn’t want to be locked into a 5 day party with a bunch of people we didn’t know. A group of us went to Mexico to a family’s timeshare and were allowed to do whatever local law allowed, with some supervision where needed.

Wayne Thomas June 6, 2023 - 9:33 am

Hey there! Stumbled upon your post on the WordPress feed and couldn’t resist saying hello. I’m already hooked and eagerly looking forward to more captivating posts. Can’t seem to find the follow button, haha! Guess I’ll have to bookmark your blog instead. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye out for your updates!

Thanks – TheDogGod


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