What is Wrong With People? Rude Woman Takes Calls on Speakerphone in Delta Sky Club®

by Anthony Losanno
Rude Lady Sky Club

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The other day I wrote about misbehaving children in the Polaris® Lounge and how the lounge staff did nothing to stop them from running amok. Yesterday, I faced an even ruder and more self-centered individual in a woman who insisted on taking all of her calls on speakerphone in the Delta Sky Club®.

A lot of people weighed in on whether children should be allowed in lounges and if they are, what behavior is acceptable. To clarify, I’m not saying families should be kept out of lounges (especially premium lounges like Polaris® when they have to purchase a ticket with cash or miles for access). What I am saying is that they should not be allowed to let their children run around, jump over chairs, scream, and touch other people’s belongings. I stand by this stance and it’s on the parents to teach their children how to behave.

Delta Sky Club TPA Seating

What’s likely even less acceptable are adults who have no regard for others around them and feel the need to act rude in public places. I was in the Delta Sky Club® yesterday and a woman felt it was appropriate to take calls on speakerphone while she scrolled through text messages on her phone. I had to listen to how the house is paid for, but it’s a tiny house and the rest of her inane conversation.

This woman was so self-centered that she didn’t even think that she should invest in headphones or hold the phone to her head. People are sharing lounge space and should keep their conversations to themselves. As luck would have it, she was also on my flight to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). When she arrived at the gate area, boarding was beginning. The gate agent called for passengers with disabilities and then military. She nearly mowed down everyone waiting to board as she pushed forward with her First Class boarding pass being waved around. Luckily others (myself included) also moved forward and did not let her barrel past us.

Anthony’s Take: Some people are so rude and self centered. This woman has no self awareness and only cares about herself. I’d say that I hope that she someday will learn, but she was in her late 50s/early 60s and likely too late to change her behavior.

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Chris December 1, 2023 - 9:12 am

People are all the same. Talking on a speaker phone in an airport lounge is the snobby entitled equivalent of someone blasting their music from their phone on the subway in Manhattan. I don’t mess with either type of person because each clearly has no respect for others and is likely to escalate the situation if confronted.
TLDR: People are awful across the spectrum.

Christian December 2, 2023 - 2:30 am

I haven’t done it yet despite sore temptation but my answer to this is to stand near the person while pretending to be speaking with someone on your own phone, making VERY LOUD disparaging comments about how some Karen is screaming into her phone while on speakerphone and how tasteless it is to do that.


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