Passenger Freaks Over Overhead Bins and Threatens to Call the Police On Flight Attendant

by Anthony Losanno
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An American Airlines passenger got angry when he noticed that another passenger put his luggage in a space that he deemed solely for the bulkhead seat in Economy where he was seated. A flight attendant tried to calm the situation and the man told him that he was going to call the police.

Guy freaks out over overhead storage on flight and gets himself kicked off plane
by u/Cool_Disaster2484 in PublicFreakout

The passenger seems agitated from the beginning of the video. When the flight attendant approaches him, he becomes more so and accuses the flight attendant of pointing his finger at him. The flight attendant remained calm, but the man threatened to call the police on the working crew member. This did not go as planned for the passenger and he was removed from the flight.

AA Angry Passenger 2

@Cool_Distaster2484 posted the video above and he pointed out in the comments that the man had multiple large bags stuffing the bins (he was okay since they were his) and he was also making racist comments. Some might argue that the biggest crime in all of this might be that he has a man bun in 2023.

Overhead bin space is shared and there isn’t designated space by seat. Many times you will hear flight attendants making announcements for passengers to use any open bin. Generally, bins marked First Class or Business Class are reserved for those passengers, but once they are accommodated it’s first come, first served for space.

Anthony’s Take: There was no way that this was going to go well for this passenger. You cannot be that aggressive with the flight crew and expect to remain on a flight.

(H/T: View from the Wing.)

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