Lounge Review: Lufthansa First Class Terminal (FRA)

by Anthony Losanno
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Exterior

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On a recent trip to Europe, we flew home in Lufthansa First Class from Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA). One of the unique elements and part of the amazing experience when departing Frankfurt is the ability to visit Lufthansa’s dedicated First Class Terminal. I’ve been several times before and the experience is always consistent and special.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Exterior 2

Upon arriving at Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA), whether by car or on foot after connecting from another flight, you need to leave the airport and walk outside a bit to get to the First Class Terminal.

Lufthansa FCT 1


Lufthansa FCT 3

Upon entering, there is a small lobby with an elevator to take you up to security and the lounge.

Lufthansa FCT 2

Once exiting the elevator, there are several agents waiting to check you in and escort you through security. The dedicated security had no line, but it uses older machines. We had to remove our shoes, have all of our electronics swabbed, and even take other shoes out of our bags to be swabbed. A minor annoyance, but not a very First Class experience.


Access is granted to passengers traveling in Lufthansa First Class or connecting to a SWISS First Class flight. HON Circle members in Lufthansa’s Miles & More program (equivalent to United’s Global Services status level, but with really high published criteria) also have access.

Anthony’s Take: I have loved the First Class Terminal every time that I have visited. The service is excellent, I love the restaurant, the shower suites are luxurious, and it is my favorite premium ground experience. Is it as exciting visiting the 3rd or 5th time? You feel pampered, but you know what to expect. Lufthansa is incredibly consistent with the experience.

Lufthansa FCT 4

Once through security, your boarding passes and passports are taken by an attendant. These are returned before you board the plane (as you go through the dedicated immigration desk before getting into your car or van).

Lufthansa FCT 64


Lufthansa FCT 34


The bar is to the right side once you enter the lounge. It has just about every type of alcohol and spirit you could imagine.

Lufthansa FCT 35


Lufthansa FCT 36


Lufthansa FCT 37

There were so many bottles.

Lufthansa FCT 38

On the side of the bar was a display of tequila.

Lufthansa FCT 5


Lunch/dinner was being served during my visit. The buffet has salads, cold cuts, cheeses, several hot dishes, and desserts. There is also a la carte dining. We were hungry, so we decided to start with a sit-down lunch. The restaurant is located near the bar and there are more than enough tables for the number of guests that were there on our visit.

Lufthansa FCT 6

We sat ourselves and within a minute a server appeared with menus.

Lufthansa FCT 7

There is a card full of monthly specials.

Lufthansa FCT 8

The menu has a nice assortment of choices, which can be supplemented with the buffet.

Lufthansa FCT 9

The buffet is not huge, but everything is tasty.

Lufthansa FCT 10

The menu is also not that big, but the dishes all sounded pretty good.

Lufthansa FCT 11

I had the Filet of Beef last time I visited and knew that was a must.

Lufthansa FCT 12

We both started with the Creamy Pumpkin Soup.

Lufthansa FCT 13

Next, I had the Saddle of Veal with Lobster Filling. It was delicious.

Lufthansa FCT 14

My husband selected the Filet of Pike with Pumpkin Risotto. He enjoyed the dish.

Lufthansa FCT 15

We then split the Filet of Beef. It was cooked a perfect medium rare as requested.

Lufthansa FCT 16

We also checked out the buffet during our meal.

Lufthansa FCT 17

There are several salads.

Lufthansa FCT 18


Lufthansa FCT 19

More cheese

Lufthansa FCT 20

Even more cheese

Lufthansa FCT 21

Various meats

Lufthansa FCT 22

A selection of bread

Lufthansa FCT 23

Burrata and smoked fish

Lufthansa FCT 24

Roasted squash and more

Lufthansa FCT 25

There were multiple hot dishes including Beef Stroganoff, Pumpkin Ravioli, and Thai Noodles. We were pretty full, so we did not try these dishes.

Lufthansa FCT 26

Carrots, Thai Noodles, and Pumpkin Ravioli

Lufthansa FCT 27

Beef Stroganoff and rice

Lufthansa FCT 28


Lufthansa FCT 29


Lufthansa FCT 30


Lufthansa FCT 31

The desserts looked so good, but I was too full.

Lufthansa FCT 32

There was champagne nearby, but the server brought us whatever we wanted to drink.

Lufthansa FCT 33

There are tons of wines on offer in the dining room.

Lufthansa FCT 39

There is a nice selection of gummy candy and snacks near the bar.

Lufthansa FCT 40

Seating & Decor

There is tons of seating in the First Class Terminal. It’s divided up into smaller areas for added privacy. We selected seats near the window.

Lufthansa FCT 41

More seats near a TV.

Lufthansa FCT 42

Additional seating.

Lufthansa FCT 43

I like that the seating is segmented into smaller areas.

Lufthansa FCT 44

The decor of the lounge is fairly neutral and calming. There are some grasses near the elevators.

Lufthansa FCT 45

Several phone booths are up front for working and making calls in private.

Lufthansa FCT 63


Lufthansa FCT 46

A Cigar Lounge offers more seats and the ability to smoke cigars (although I have never seen anyone do that there).

Lufthansa FCT 47

There is a small bar in the Cigar Lounge.

Lufthansa FCT 48

Near the Cigar Lounge is a relaxation area for taking naps. There are two private rooms.

Lufthansa FCT 49

Each has a bed.

Lufthansa FCT 50

There are also some candles for added relaxation.

Lufthansa FCT 51


The First Class Terminal offers extensive dining and beverage options. It also has the Cigar Lounge and relaxation area outlined above, as well as private shower suites with bathtubs, some magazines, and plenty of staff to assist at every turn.

Lufthansa FCT 52

The shower suites are one of the highlights of the First Class Terminal. They are like having your own luxury spa bathroom.

Lufthansa FCT 53

These are requested at a desk that is attended throughout your stay.

Lufthansa FCT 54

There are additional amenities found here. Even if you’re not showering (we didn’t, but I asked to take photos), make sure you get your rubber ducks. These are a must when visiting.

Lufthansa FCT 62


Lufthansa FCT 55

The shower suites are spacious. They include a toilet, vanity, and bathtub.

Lufthansa FCT 56

Toiletries are Balmain brand.

Lufthansa FCT 57

The tub is huge.

Lufthansa FCT 58


Lufthansa FCT 59

The shower is also spacious.

Lufthansa FCT 60

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are mounted on the wall. These are also Balmain brand.

Lufthansa FCT 61

The toilet was off to the side. There was a spacious bench and even a robe and slippers included.

Lufthansa FCT 65

When it was time to go, we were escorted to another set of elevators. Once downstairs, our passports were stamped, boarding passes were scanned and handed off, and we were taken to a van to be driven to the Boeing 747-8.

Lufthansa FCT 66

There was another couple on our flight from Norway. I talked points and miles with the young guy. He was lamenting SAS leaving Star Alliance and said he was not a fan of Air France or SkyTeam. If you’re the only passenger heading to a flight (or one of two), you have a better chance of being driven in a Porsche.

Overall Impression:

I will never grow tired of this amazing space. Everything is top notch and it’s an experience that I recommend everyone try at least once. Miles make it possible if the ticket prices are out of reach.

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