Entitled Blue Jays Pitcher Expects United to Clean Up After His Family

by Anthony Losanno
United plane

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Another day, another sense of entitlement. Yesterday, I reported on the plus-sized passenger that expects airlines to give her extra free seats. Now, Blue Jays pitcher, Anthony Bass, is calling out United Airlines for asking his wife to clean up after their children.

According to Bass, a flight attendant on United Airlines made his pregnant wife clean up the popcorn that their young children dropped on the floor. He took to Twitter looking for sympathy, but largely found people sided with the flight attendant.

He stood his ground and pushed back on others tweets.

It seems as if United reached out to him separately as he tweeted that the matter was being taken care of internally. I hope that the flight attendant is not reprimanded. The sense of entitlement here is ridiculous. If you have children you should be prepared to handle what they do. If you’re in a store and your child breaks something, you should pay for it. If they cause damage or make a mess, you should remedy it. I’m not sure where people get off thinking that their children should be granted special privileges and not be made to act civilly in public.


I have seen far too many instances of families pushing through to board when people in wheelchairs were boarding or some of my other favorites:

  • When United called for families, a single man walked forward. The gate agent told him that she was boarding families. He replied that he had one but they were not with him.
  • Another time in Panama, a family pushed forward to board with their teenage children. They felt they should board before those needing extra time because the daughter was not feeling well (she was about 19 years old).

Anthony’s Take: In no way are the children to blame here, but the parents need to be responsible for their actions. Far too often I see parents tuning out while their children run amok in a lounge or elsewhere in public. Recently, I watched a little girl take a slice of watermelon from a buffet, eat it, and then put the rind back on the buffet while her parents watched. Teach your kids what’s right and if they act out, deal with it responsibly.

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Eric Marmont April 18, 2023 - 6:56 pm

It wasn’t United Airlines, but rather one of their regional carriers..Asking a 22 week pregnant women to get on her knees in a regional jet is unwarranted.

NedsKid April 18, 2023 - 8:06 pm

What I think is missing is some detail and the fact I’m sure he exaggerated it. Just like the typical complaint… if someone tells you something you don’t want to hear, they automatically are rude. The Flight Attendant probably made some comment about the kids being overly messy or throwing popcorn on the floor and suggested perhaps offhand that the mother take some action to not leave the plane a mess. I very much doubt verbiage was instructing her to get on the floor on her hands and knees and pick up popcorn.

United may have provided the popcorn but doesn’t the parent determine what their young child eats? Or is this one of those parental styles where you let the child get it out of their system or tell them something is wrong, but let’s go ahead and do it one more time. I’ve faced those before. I lost a friend over their child coming with them to my house and acting as if they’d never seen a fridge with build in ice/water dispenser…. pushing the buttons and making a mess on the floor. My ex-friend said to their son that isn’t a very good thing to do, but you can push a button three more times and then you are going to be done with it. I handed them a roll of paper towels. They got offended. I said their child was welcome to go outside and put up my hand to prevent another expulsion of ice. That turned into how I almost layed hands on their child and yelled and threw them out, when retold.

Jamrs April 18, 2023 - 8:13 pm

What sort of man makes a 22 week pregnant wife fly alone with the 2 kids?

Mary Kirsch April 19, 2023 - 1:13 am

Teach the 5 yr. old what respect is all about. You make millions and think you deserve special treatment but that does not give you the right to criticize the attendant when you are a poor parent. Are you one of those sports players that is all about yourself? The 5 year old needs to learn to help mom, especially when he makes the mess!


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