British Airways Fires Two Flight Attendants After They Post a Racist TikTok Video

by Anthony Losanno
Racist BA Flight Attendant

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British Airways terminated two flight attendants after a racist TikTok video making fun of Asian passengers went viral. The video shows one of the flight attendants making a “slant-eyed gesture” and using a mocking Chinese accent while sitting outdoors at a luxury resort in Antigua.

The Daily Mail reports that the video shows ex-cabin crew member Holly Walton imitating an Asian family that was on the flight to Antigua’s V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU). Her colleague, Lauren Bray, filmed the video while laughing in the background. It was viewed over one million times before it was taken down by TikTok.

British Airways Livery

Both Walton and Bray were recently fired over the incident. A British Airways’ spokesperson confirmed that the pair were no longer employed by the airline. The statement reads:

All forms of racism are completely unacceptable, and we take allegations of this nature very seriously.”

British Airways has warned employees in the past around social media guidelines and what is inappropriate for employees to be posting online. This clearly violated those policies and any common decency that people should exhibit anyway.

Anthony’s Take: What did these employees think would happen when they posted this racist video? People never cease to amaze me.

(Image Credits: Lauren Bray via Instagram and British Airways.)

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derek March 20, 2024 - 1:36 pm

They should not be the mocking. There are only 2, maybe 5 superior countries in the world and the UK is not one. The superior countries in the world are Germany and Singapore. Hitler was bad and genocidal but was right about one thing, German superiority. The maybe superior countries are the United States, Australia, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). Canada and NZ do not qualify in the top 5 nor does lazy Sweden. Of those 5 countries, 2 have slitty eyes. The UK is primitive but not as bad as France and certainly not like Nigeria or Haiti.


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